April 2018 Publication Femme Modern Magazine

Femme Rebel April 2018 Kimberly Bowie

April 2018 Publication Femme Modern Magazine

I had an incredible shoot in the fall with Kimberly (model) and Raadhaa (makeup artist). They were so fun to work with and I loved the photos we got. I took lots of photos and edited the ones I initially loved the most in colour. Femme Modern Magazine had a black and white edition this month and I went back to the photos and found more photos that I hadn’t posted and edited them. Here’s our publication. So happy they chose 5 of our images. Very grateful.

Femme Rebel April 2018 Kimberly BowieFemme Rebel April 2018 Kimberly Bowiefemme modern april 2018 pub

Kimberly is an incredible model/actress. She is so beautiful and I had been dying to photograph her for awhile. I was just waiting until my photography skills were strong enough to approach her about a shoot. I had been talking to Raadhaa and I love her work and needed to work with her. Also she is super fun and we end up chatting for hours about nothing on Facebook messager. I got to work with both of these incredibly talented women for the first time at this shoot! We made some magic! Here’s our colourful photos from the fall.


As you can see, Raadhaa did an epic makeup look! Beautiful lady and perfect makeup makes my job so easy. Raadhaa stayed and assisted during the shoot. After almost every photos I would be like “omg this one is soooo good.” And Raadhaa would run over and look. Here’s our behind the scenes photo of us admiring the photos from my camera.


Good times! These two ladies are really relaxed and overall very fun to work with. It’s like hanging out with buddies and joking around.


I loved the fallen leaves and how pretty the fall day was. The sun was a little bright but that wasn’t going to stop off. We were shooting near Hogs back and the Rideau Canal. It’s a very beautiful spot. Also how cool is Kimberly’s wardrobe! I loved the elegant black dress with the splash of colour with the red scarf. I also loved her pink leather jacket. The pink jacket looked so pretty up against her blonde hair.


We explored and found some spots that were darker to stir things up. I shot this whole shoot with my 50mm f/1.8 and my 24-105mm f/4. I used my trusty Canon 6D and a reflector.


It was a pleasuring with these ladies. I highly recommend anyone looking for an awesome makeup artist to reach out to Raadhaa. You will not be disappointed. Sadly, Kimberly has closed the chapter to modelling and is now focusing her full attention to acting. I wish her all the best and look forward to see what she does next. She is so incredibly beautiful. I am so happy I got to take her photos before she decided to stop modelling. I would have been very sad to miss such an opportunity. Makes you realize you have to jump at every good opportunity that comes along because the opportunity will not always be there. I had such a great time at this shoot. I hope you enjoyed another one of my photography adventures.

To see more of these talented ladies work, you can find them on Instagram

Model: @kimberlyl613

Makeup artist: @raadhaa_singh

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