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Femme Rebel April 2018 Keirstin Madore

Femme Rebelle Magazine Publication

Keirstin, a very talented model, and I were brainstorming a boudoir concept together for our next shoot. She loves the colour pink so we decided to use pink faux fur and have fun and see what we came up with. We asked the incredibly talented make up and hair stylist Aseel to join us. To our pleasure she agreed and came up with the make up and hair look to go with our fun pink theme. The results we got from this session blew my mind.

Femme Rebelle April 2018 Beauty Divine featuring Keirstin Madore Keirstin Madore pink boudoir with faux furFemme Rebelle boudoir shoot with Ottawa model Keirstin Madore

I absolutely love working with these ladies. Keirstin is one of the most beautiful women I know. I think she is incredible. She always has a positive attitude and I really get along with her. We have worked together three times now and I am sure we will come up with more fun sessions in the future. Aseel has such great style. She donated an addition pink faux fur material and a couple of outfit options. Her make up and hair is always so perfect and beautiful. I love her attention to detail.

model Keirstin in seductive boudoir pose for Ottawa photographer Angela Holmyard

We tried to keep the shoot simple by not having lots of props. We spent two hours shooting different outfits and angles. I was happy that Femme Rebelle Magazine published 5 images in total because I am in love with our team’s results. I will share the other photos that didn’t get selected because they are also beautiful.

sexy model in black lingerie on faux fur rug poses for ottawa photographer

I shot with my Elinchrome studio light with my large octabox. I used the natural light coming from outside to make the light even more soft and resulted in sharp images. I used my Canon 6d and my 50mm f1.4mm lens. I added light in places with my reflector.

boudoir shoot with keirstin posing in red velvet onesie

Keirstin is great at giving different emotions. I love it! I also love the blending of different colours of faux fur patterns together. I got my fur rug (pink and black rug) at Home Sense for $50. I plan on using this again and again. The different colours in the rug give the extra texture.

gorgeous model in black lingerie boudoir portrait by Angela Holmyard

When the team was talking about the photos we wanted to capture, one of our key words we wanted to capture was “pretty”. I feel we did it. I love that Keirstin went ahead and painted her nails a pink colour. How perfect is that?


Ruth Cameron, a fashion designer that I work with regularly and who is also my boyfriends super fun and talented mom, gave me the purple fur as a prop. I loved how it looked in addition to the pink. It happens to be Keirstin’s second favourite colour. So that made it even better.

I hoped you liked these photos and they may give you some inspiration for your own photography adventures. Personally, I save every photo I see that evokes an emotional response. Then I use whatever it was that drew me to the photo such as a pink fur rug and make my own magic with creative people I know.

My team: Instagram links:

Model: @keirstin.madore

Makeup & hair: @beautybyaseelal

Photographer: @angelaholmyardphotography

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  • vincentpunch
    Posted at 01:11h, 02 April Reply

    One of your best shoots yet! Fantastic work and congrats to everyone on the pub!

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