In 2016, my friend Andy and I went to Havana for a photography adventure. We just finished a basic photography course at Algonquin that taught us how to use a camera on Manual. It taught a lot of other things but I knew a lot of the other content from a decade of modelling. It’s funny what you pick up from being in front of the lens. We both went with cropped censored camera (mine was a canon rebel t5). I also had a 50mm f/1.8, 70-200mm f/4 and a wide angle lens. Can’t remember what type. I sold it later with my rebel.

This is me and Andy at the local bar near my old place. We were celebrating our vacation a bit early. My hair looks a bit colourful and so does Andy’s head so I’m guessing this was taken by my amazing iphone. Either way we were pumped!

Our hotel was a bit on the lower star rating. We were staying 20 minutes away from Havana. The beach was really beautiful though. What better way to get experience using your camera than going somewhere beautiful. It’s hard to take bad photos there.

We went on day trips to Havana by a local driver. We exchanged numbers so we could be picked up later. We got him to drive us to Havana twice. I gave him a big tip (I was a server at the time and understand the value of tipping) and later that evening I got a love note through text messages. It was broken English. That was odd but harmless. Andy got some kisses by a local Havana lady. She was fun! Double score haha

Here’s some shots I took in Havana. I really like the first photo. I remember being shy and not wanting to take photos of people in case they saw me. That’s why my cropping isn’t the best. I took the photos fast. People in Havana are very friendly and polite. It was a very fun trip.

Our nice driver took us to top of the bridge that you usually under to get to Havana. There was a Fort near there that we checked out.

A photo that Andy took of me in Havana. My hair was fabulous! And my skin was pink. But I was having fun. That was my first coconut drink ever. Not my thing but a good experience.

My advice to new photographers – go on a trip and record everything. It’s super fun and you will quickly learn your camera better. Plus you will get awesome photos that you can hang on your wall.

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