Winter inspired fashion shoot

Winter inspired fashion shoot

Katherine, a super beautiful local model, contacted me to do a fun winter-themed shoot together. To my knowledge, she planned and organized the whole theme. She got a super talented fashion designer, Michele Beaudoin, to lend her this beautiful pink gown, and Aseel (Beauty by Aseel Al), an incredible makeup artist, to do both her hair and makeup. Montreal male model, Emmanuel Perron, joined her side as well. The team was incredible.

The day of the shoot was freezing! I felt horrible for the models, especially Katherine, who had bare skin. I only had 15 minutes to take my photos because the sun was setting (short days in December) and the temperature was so cold. But. I loved all 15 minutes I had.

Both models were troopers! I believe it was -17 degrees Celcius, not including the wind chill. They looked incredible. We took photos in two locations – one right near my house and the other location was in a park 5 minutes away from my place. I apologize for not having a lot of photos to show because of the time restraints, but I really love the photos I did get.

It’s tricky because you want to get as many good photos you can that showed the work of the full team. I always take headshots first of the makeup for the makeup artist. I do this because makeup can wear out or smudge during the shoot and it’s best to take the photo at its freshest. What incredible makeup!

I love this shot the best. These models really nailed all poses. They were so easy to work with. Both have a great career ahead of them.

I’m sad I didn’t get a lot of full length photos as I wished I would. The dress was incredible! Such a pretty design and I loved the pops of pink. Very elegant. Michele is very skilled. It’s definitely worth checking out all her incredible designs! All her gowns are unique and gorgeous!

Here’s the links to my fabulous team:

Model: @katou_xox & @emmanuelperron5

Makeup and hairstylist: @beautybyaseelal

Fashion Designer: @michelebeaudoindesigns

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