Caitie – One of my first shoots

Caitie – One of my first shoots

2016 is when I really picked up my camera and started my journey in photography. I reached out to Caitie for a collab shoot through modelmayhem. Modelmayhem is a networking website for creatives (Photographers / models / makeup artists). I don’t use that anymore because Facebook has taken over with its many photography groups. But that’s how I found Caitie. She is an incredibly beautiful model and she is incredible at modelling. I really loved our first shoot together. She is amazing.

There was a little meadow that is near my mom’s place (where I was living at the time) in the south of Ottawa. It’s not there anymore sadly. They cut all the shrubs down. That was very sad. At the time of this shoot I was working at a restaurant and would pass by the meadows on my way to work. It was so beautiful so I suggested the spot to Caitie and it worked well.

I loved the colours of the wildflowers and the fall clothing that Caitie brought was perfect. The photos were better than I expected. I was using my cropped sensor camera – Canon Rebel T5. It was a good starter camera. I think I was using my 50mm f/1.8 and my 70-200mm f4 Lens. I upgraded my 70-200mm since then to f/2.8 and my camera body as well.

I was pretty much exploring what I could get and not really sure what to expect. I had done one other shoot before this one. I actually love those photos too. It’s funny to love the beginning stuff when there’s much improvement in your photography skills since then. I think it’s just the emotions that Caitie was knocking out of the park and our collaboration in general that made the shoot awesome.

So I loved this one! This shot taught me how important texture was in photos. I remember moving around this small meadow and trying all kinds of different backgrounds. We moved to some pine trees and I loved the texture the pine needles gave. I continue to seek out beautiful blue pine trees like this for winter photos because they are just so pretty. There’s two big pine trees in front of my neighbor’s house and I have taken 3 models’ photos in front of the house. I now have a pine tree obsession. But even with the beautiful textured background, her smile is what makes that photo.

It’s awesome when you get models who are so incredible like Caitie. At that time I didn’t have much of a portfolio to show but she still was willing to model. I personally think the photos are precious but I’m emotionally attached to them. They were my first photos to make me go “wow”.

To check out more of Caities work you can find her on Instagram @caitie_eleaine

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