Lily – Fun Winter Shoot

lily winter shoot crown cover

Lily – Fun Winter Shoot

I was lucky to get to shoot with Lily a second time before she left to go back to her home town. She is such a breath of fresh air with a super positive attitude. She is super young at the age of 13 but she is so photogenic.

In the middle of the winter I got together with Ruth to make a winter crown. I wanted pops of red with the berries and pine needles. I went to Michaels to buy what I needed that Ruth didn’t have already. Ruth, my boyfriends mom & my super talented partner in crime, agreed to help craft a beautiful crown with me. I knew nothing of how to make them but had a clear idea what I wanted. But of course I left room for whatever creativity took over. And we made this beautiful crown. I paired it with a wooden blanket from Urban Barn. I love Urban barn blankets and have a bunch of them. I paired it with a red blanket and a beige blanket. It was a cold day so I wanted Lily to be as warm as possible.

I can’t decide which colour I like best but they both worked well. Lily gave me a bunch of cute smiles and never once complained about the temperature. She’s a real trooper. The outdoor part of the shoot probably took 15 minutes. The key element of the photos I was trying to get was Lily’s natural beauty to shine through into my photos and it worked! She is a very beautiful young lady and I wanted the photos to be simple.

Then we went inside and got her to change in this cute purple vintage dress I found at Salvation Army a year ago. I cleaned and ironed it but I hadn’t found a model to wear it. It is super small so not the easiest dress to fit into (for most people myself included). I loved the colour and it worked perfectly with Lily! I took another 15 minutes to shoot some very basic photos of her in the dress. I only needed two photos. I wanted very simple poses because I wasn’t planning on going all vogue on this shoot. Sometimes simple is sooo pretty.

Lily is a new model at such a young age but she also has a maturity about her. She is eager to try new things and is a fast learner. She is such a sweetheart. Her aunt Irene is so supportive and very handy to have on set. I often asked her opinion on set in regards to fashion and she always gave her feedback. She herself is a stylish lady so it was very handy to have her as part of the team.

To see more of Lily’s work you could check her out on Instagram @lilyathanasi

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