St. Patty’s Day Puppy & Bunny Photos

St. Patty’s Day Puppy & Bunny Photos

Although I am not Irish I still love getting festive. I even love getting my pets festive. I have a puppy and a bunny. If we lived in a bigger place I am sure I would have more animals. One of my life goals is to have a petting farm but that seems in the far future. Here’s some fun photos that you may like of my beasts.


Ozzy loved it! He probaby had 10 cookies during the 10 minute shoot. It was great! He hardly ever comes to my studio because he is a chewer so he loved being in the forbidden area. He didn’t like the hat very much but the bowtie I am pretty sure he was down with.


He looks a bit sad. It’s possible he had to wait a full minute after sitting to get his cookie. He is a spoiled puppy and usually gets everything he wants when he wants it so this probably was pretty alarming for him. Rough day for my doggo. Also after this shoot he wasn’t allowed to chase the bunny and he actually stomped his foot and whined. I think he’s in his terrible two stage. Although most days he is a pretty happy dog.


He’s big brown eyes stare. “Human! Feed me damnit!”


This is Ms. Eleanor Rigby. She is 7 years old. Or around that age. I bought her from the humane society four years ago and they guessed she was 3 years old at the time. She doesn’t like change so going to the basement was scary for her. This is why I only took a few photos. I don’t like having my bunny stressed out. I thought it was adorable that she ran into Vince’s lap for protection. Vince doesn’t think the bunny likes him because she gets hangry in the morning and is very snarly. She is very friendly in the evenings when she gets the run of the living room. So it was nice for them to have a moment. She missed two nail appointments. I am scared to cut her nails so I take her to Petsmart. They have some trained professionals to do it. So hopefully its tomorrow they do the bunny nail trimming. She hates it but after when its all done I am sure she is all happy with her purdy mani/pedi.

I shot all these lovely photos with my Canon6d and my 50mm f/1.4 lens. Happy St.Patty’s Day!!!

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