Lily – Portrait Session

Lily – Portrait Session

Last night I had a portrait session with the cutest model ever. Her name is Lily and she from a small town called Eldorado. She is a 13 year old Model whose signed with Mode Elle. She is visiting her Aunt over March break and that’s how our paths crossed. Her aunt reached out to get Lily some head shots and we set it up.

As you can see she is adorable! Her aunt did her hair which I loved. She picked out three outfits for three looks. She was a natural in front of the camera. Very confident and great at taking direction. Also very polite.

We did some full body shots. Very simple posing but sometimes those work best. She did an excellent job of posing and always had a smile during the whole shoot.

Her last outfit was a pretty dress for the final set of headshots. I edited two black and white and colour. I liked them both equally. I figured I would share both versions.

She was such a pleasure to work with. Her aunt was awesome too. I love seeing supportive families help each other out. She is a beautiful model and I hope she goes far with it. Tomorrow we have another shoot before she goes back home. I made a winter inspired crown made of fake pine needles and red berries. I haven’t had an opportunity to use it for a shoot and the winters slowly leaving us. I am happy I am getting a chance to work with her before she heads back home.

If anyone in the Ottawa area is looking for a new but amazing model you should give her a shout.

You can contact her at @lilyathanasi on Instagram.

Look forward to sharing our creation from tomorrow’s shoot. Goodnight. Xoxo

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