1920’s Flapper Photoshoot

1920’s Flapper Photoshoot

Going through Ruth Cameron’s fashion designs inspired my 1920’s flapper photoshoot. I was in her basement and she was showing me her epic dance costumes when I saw a beautiful headpiece she made that was 1920s inspired. It was so beautiful. She showed me the rest of the costume and I was blown away. She definitely nailed authentic look and feel of the era with her fashion designs. Two models came to mind I was at the beginning stages of setting this up, Keirstin and Katlyn. Both very beautiful and diverse models were, in my opinion, perfect for this style. Katlyn is a hair stylist by trade so she did the hair for her and Keirstin. She is really really really good at hair! I had recently connected with Raadhaa, our makeup artist, and loved her and her mad makeup skills so I knew she would be a great asset to the team. Luckily for me all of my chosen people were available and interested in participating in the shoot. We were off to a good start.

Here’s Raadha’s incredible make up job and Katlyn’s beautiful hair. We actually did two shoots because sadly Keirstin got the flu. We shot these sessions both in January – the heart of the flu season – poor thing! So Katlyn put up with us twice.


Ruth and I went to many trip to Value village and came up with a couple of really cool background sets. Ruth also had found lots of items in her house and on shopping trips of her own that really made our background pop. She also had tons of really cool props. Hands down she did a really great job of making the set designs and she gave me lots of knowledge about the 1920s. Fun fact, women started shaving their legs for the first time in the 1920s with the change of fashion.


How beautiful are they? Killer makeup and hair, incredible fashion, beautiful ladies and the photography isn’t bad either 😛 haha I sometimes think I am my biggest fan. Just kidding my boyfriend is. He is a really great and supportive guy and through him I inherited his mom (Ruth) who I love. She is so talents in so many ways. Her fashion, her furniture restoration, her style, she is just really cool.

So the first shoot we did with Katlyn was the bad girl flapper. She wore darker lipstick and her fashion was designed for evening wear. There is smoking, gambling, and drinking involved with our bad girl. The background set is in more dark tones. Thinking back to these shoot, I really had a fun time with these ladies.

I edited these in two ways. I loved the image so I wasn’t happy with just one edit. I loved the modern photography style with its sharpness and also loved the more vintage black and white. I decided there was no need to pick one and do both instead. Why not!? I love her tattoos.


We had some fun with the simple black background. I felt that the epic look we created deserved as much diversity as we could do in January. I kind of like the high fashion black backdrop with the outfit. Ruth made that long cigarette! How cool eh?

flapper3RSflapper5RSThis was our first set with the bedroom feel to it. We got the vintage curtains at Value village. I am pretty sure most of the set came from Value village. The person in the framed photo is actually a relative to John’s (Ruth’s husband). I thought that was pretty cool.

Flapper7RSCFlapper7RS-SThen we had Katlyn lounging in a parlour. The Sepia seemed appropriate for this kind of vintage photo but I loved the splash of colour so I wanted to keep a copy coloured. Plus it gives you a more of a behind the scenes feel with the colour. You are very welcome. 🙂

A few more awesome photos from our first session with Katlyn! She nailed it so I am glad we got some really cool photos.


We had to get Keirstin all dolled up in the bad girl look as well. It’s such a cool outfit and she is gorgeous so they kinda go together naturally. She gave such good attitude with her posing and expression. Yep, these ladies rock!


Some solo photo of Katlyn with a more good girl flapper look. Ruth made all the outfits. It’s actually incredible! I absolutely love the second photo of Katlyn sitting with her back to the camera looking over her shoulder. I am definitely framing that for my studio. Incredible how everything came together!Flap8RSFlap11RSFlap12RS

Here are the ladies together. Tea time!! Wild ladies! I loved how they worked off each other with their poses. It was really fun. The first photo was real smiles and laughing. I thought it was super cute and natural so it had to be developed! I mean post processed – I definitely wasn’t using film! Flap1RSFlap19RS

Katlyn was free to go home after many hours of posing and we changed the set for our final photos. We changed Keirstin’s bedroom to more lighter colours. I love lighter colours so I was all about this set. She definitely nailed it.


I’m in love with these photos. I had such a good times with these creative ladies. Everyone did an incredible job! More 1920’s inspired shoots coming up soon. I have to models selected for a spring outdoor flapper session and a boudoir inspired flapper shoot shortly. Both will be epic!

Too see more of these ladies work check out their instagram. Unfortunately Ruth doesn’t have instagram yet.

Keirstin (model): @keirstin.madore

Katyln (model/hair stylist): @kitty_kat2323

Raadhaa (makeup artist): @raadhaa_singh


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