Adriana & Thomas – Couple Session

Adriana & Thomas – Couple Session


I met Adriana when she modelled for a fall shoot I put together last year. I got 3 other photographers, two makeup artists and 4 models together for some fall portraits. Adriana was the first model I took photos of that day. I love working with new people and she was the only model out of the bunch that I hadn’t worked with already. As we walked to our shooting location I learned a bit about her. She told me she was also a photographer and that pretty much turned all our conversations to photography. Adriana has a very sweet aura about her. She is also very photogenic and we got some lovely photos that day.


She wrote me the beginning of this year asking for me to take some photos of her and her boyfriend, Thomas. I obviously jumped on the opportunity. Seeing we were shooting in one of the colder months we had to pick a location that is pretty in the winter. I really like doing winter shots at Andrew Hayden Park. They have a nice path with pine trees and multiple little bridges. I think its a cute spot. Andrew Hayden Park is also beautiful in the summer. We met up around 2pm in the parking lot and started our adventure.


Adriana trooped it out without a coat the whole time. I have no idea how she pulled that off. It was a warmer day for January but that being said it was still cold! We walked around the park and took photos. Vince was my assistant for the day and did all the reflector holding and carrying stuff. Having an assistant is a beautiful thing. I love having him with me at shoots because he is my second pair of eyes and often tells me if I miss something while shooting like a tag popping out of a shirt. Tags can take forever to remove in photoshop. Also I just love hanging out with him.


I love getting walking photos of couples. It’s a must because I find they always turn out adorable. I often instruct the guy to look admiring at his gf/fiance/wife and for her to wrap her arms around his arm closest to her. You will get variation of expressions from each session you do with couples. I think they are adorable.


I recently started trying to be more adventurous with couples shoots and to take photos from far away. I usually shoot exclusively with my 50mm but I have more lens so I therefore should use them. This was actually at the end of the session. I got them to go stand on the bridge and have a moment. They were probably chatting while this was being taken but it doesn’t matter because they look great from my angle.


Another pose you should always do (in my opinion) is to get guy to give the girl a piggy back. Sometimes being silly and getting into piggyback mode makes they giggle. If it doesn’t I try to make them laugh by either getting the girl to whisper something naughty in the guys ears or just joke with them. Capturing natural smiles is the BEST! I loved how the sun was shining for this set. The sun was beginning to set so I got them to stand facing me away from the sun so it lit them all pretty. Putting them towards the light makes the clients/models squint and that ain’t pretty.


We came across an area that had lots of pine trees. Luckily the ground wasn’t wet so they could sit down under a tree. I love that the fallen pine needles add texture to the photos and how comfy and cute they look together. This spot was not expected. I was very happy when we stumbled across it. They were great sports and let me pose them anyway I wanted which is great.

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