Emma & Corey’s Maternity Session

Emma & Corey’s Maternity Session

My brother, Corey, and his wife, Emma had their first child this fall. I was lucky enough to be given an evening with them to take some special maternity photos. The shoot took place in August in 2017. We decided to keep it simple and go to the experimental farm and take some photos. I got Emma to send me some inspiration photos and I found some photos I liked myself. I also bought a flower crown from Blumen Studio in Ottawa. They did an incredible job of making the most perfect flower crown. How beautiful is that? Flowercrownrs.jpg

Vince, my boyfriend, came to assist with the shoot and also to hang out. I think this was one of the shoots that I really started getting blown away by my work. I know that sounds conceited but I don’t mean it to come out that way. Photography takes a lot of practice and it’s a beautiful thing when you start seeing improvement. Similarly to working out. I was so happy that the photos did turned out the way they did because the shoot meant a lot to me. I really wanted to capture the beautiful moment for them and for Mia (my adorable niece) when she is older.

In the summer I shoot quite regularly at the experimental farm. I live very close to it so I can walk there. Which is incredibly handy because I don’t own a car. Also the experimental farm is constantly changing. ALSO it has a Cow Lane which I stumbled upon a half an hour before my first date with Vince. I was running late and texted him that I got distracted by cows and that I was on my way. Haha He must have thought I was nuts. But it was true. I stopped and took some photos of the cows. I love animals so I couldn’t help myself.


Anyways, back on topic, Emma did her hair and make up beforehand and they showed up ready to rock and roll. We first started at the Arboretum. There was some fluffy trees that I wanted to shoot at first. You can see in the background that there cotton like puffs. I loved it. I knew it would add some great texture to the background.emmamaternity5rsEmmamaternity7rsEmmamaternity4rsemmamaternity8rs

How cute are they? I tried to get them to laugh and suggested for the to do so. If you ask your clients/models/subjects to laugh, they often attempt and then give you a natural smile after. That last photo posted was after I asked them to laugh. The following photo was what I got when I asked them to laugh.

Funny behind the scenes treasure!laughingrs.jpg

Then we continued our adventure to the experimental farm where they had tall hay. They grow beautiful hay every year (or have in the last two years I have been shooting). I love using the hay as a background. Its so ridiculously pretty. Here’s the next set!

emmamaternity3rsemmamaternity6rsemmamaternity10rsI just love these. They look so natural and in the moment and happy. When you shoot a couple it’s good to try to make sure you have photos both with the female looking at the camera and also photos with the male looking at the photos. Seeing it was a maternity shoot Emma was the centre of the attention for 95% of the photos. Which she should be. She is the one going through the big changes and carrying the baby. A lot of the photos the father is more of an accessory to show love and support their partner. You will see them embracing and kissing the cheek of the woman. It’s very romantic but it is super important, in my opinion, to not only have the father as an accessory.  It is important to make sure you get at least one photo with the father looking handsome facing the camera. It’s a big moment for the fathers too. Just thought I should say that.

Emma picked a photo that was styled similar to this next photo. We obviously made it our own but really nailed the look and the pose. Unfortunately I don’t have our inspiration photo but here is our recreation. Emmamaternity9rs.jpg

Our last set was next to some tall pine trees near the parking lot. It was beautiful and I really wanted to nail this pose so I posed them there. It was getting really buggy out at the end of our shoot. But the last set didn’t take much time at all. Emmamaternity1rsEmmamaternitybw1rsEmmamaternity2rs

They nailed the pose I wanted! I was over the moon with excitement. I made the photo in black and white and in colour. The next baby bump photo I desaturated. I wanted at bit of her blue dress showing. So precious.

More behind the scenes to end this off. Corey taking his turn with the flower crown and also wearing my puppy as a hat.


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