Christine – Boudoir Session

christine boudoir shoot cover

Christine – Boudoir Session

Christine is a beautiful and extremely talented model. She is gorgeous and almost every shoot she does looks very different from her last shoot. It actually blows my mind. She needed no direction with posing and we honestly didn’t have a long shoot because she was so good. I did throw in some poses I wanted to do but even then she nailed it. Incredibly talented Model.

We got Fatima to join in on our collaboration and she came up with looks for both hair and makeup. I loved all her suggestions but had to pick one. I loved both the hair and the makeup! The hair styling was very detailed which I loved and she gave us two head pieces to work with. Here’s the look she created. I’m in love! 😍

How pretty is that? I was beyond thrilled when I saw her amazing work. I tell ya there are some really talented artists in Ottawa! I’m always blown away with Fatima’s work! This would be our third time working together.

Christine provided all the wardrobe. I loved each one. It’s really awesome when a collaboration goes this smoothly and almost effortlessly.

Her poses are very unique and elegant. I also love her tattoos. You know you work with a skilled model when she poses everything down to her toes. 😀

I shot during the day in February using the natural light that was shining in from the window and had my large softbox in front of her to fully light her on both sides. I shot with my canon 6d and my 50mm f/1.4. I used a reflector and a small elephant wooden decoration from winners to keep the reflector in place. I leaned it up against a chair and then put my little elephant on the floor to hold it up. I have a proper reflector holder but I hate it because it requires lots of strength to put the reflector on it and I don’t hit the gym enough for that. Little mister elephant likes his job though. Isn’t he pretty?

So here’s some more beautiful images we got! Go team!

This is the second head piece that Fatima provided. I love flower crowns. They are so pretty and add softness to the photos. Yasss! In the second photo I held the blind out so it gave some blur in the foreground. How crafty of me eh? Mad skills. 🤣

Love her expressions also!!! I’m all about this shoot. I know I am going in the right direction career wise when I get this happy about such beautiful work. I had an incredible team to make this possible.

Oh and my room divider almost fell on Christine! Can you imagine? Luckily I had cat like reflexes – don’t usually do – only in important situations. I am the worst with eating with a fork. Vince and I often eat on the couch and whenever I eat something I am always wearing some of it by the end and my dog just knows to wait until I’m done (although begging all the way through) and helps clean any food I missed. He’s a handy guy to have around. I should invest in a bib or sit at a table. Not ready for those big changes in my life now.

My team: instagram credits

Model: @frozen_neptune

Makeup & Hair: @beautytouch_byfatima

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