March 2018 Publication

March 2018 Publication

I just saw the web version of our March publication last night after finishing a second shooting wedding job. It was a very nice end to the night. Xpressions magazine published two photos from one of my first boudoir shoots with the beautiful Carmen. Fatima did the hair and makeup for this shoot. She did an incredible job! I really love her makeup and hair skills. She is really talented.

Those two photos were the ones published! The rest shown are extra photos I liked also from our session.

Carmen and I shot once before at the end of the summer. She is so fun and spunky. Also she has a great attitude. She is a very dedicated model and takes initiative to submit photos to magazines for the photographers and the rest of the team. I love that! She’s been in countless magazines and I think that has a lot to do with her hard work. Also because she is beautiful (no hiding that!). I think of Carmen as a friend and we connected beyond just casual shoots. She’s an interesting lady. She is a teacher by day and models in her spare time. I believe she is with multiple agencies, one of which is based in Florida. Also she makes her own outfits for her cosplay shoots which I think is really cool. Her mom is a seamstress and a damn good one. No doubt she taught her daughter some mad skills. I’m sure Carmen and I will shoot many more times so she will be featured in future posts. She’s an awesome lady.

We shot in my studio and I put up fabric as a background. You can see the wrinkles in the background where it was sewn together. My mistake. I believe I noticed this after a few photos and pinned the fabric differently. Learning on the job. 😁

I took some close ups (as I always do) of the beautiful work Fatima did. We wanted to go with red lip stick for Valentine’s Day that was approaching and used real roses that got used in 3 shoots. Fatima did an incredible job with the smoky eyes and her overall look. Fatima always goes beyond what I expect. She’s so talented! She gave Carmen a light wave to her naturally straight hair and it rocked!

I really love the black and white photo we took. All these photos were shot with using a one light setup and my canon 6d and 50mm f/1.4. I’m a strong believer in working with what you have and doing as much as you can with it and then adding on when it’s affordable. I’m having lots of fun with my Elinchrom BRX 500 and my large octobox. You can do a lot with that! Adding on would also be fun.

Carmen provided all the clothes she wore during the session. I’m always impressed to see how much clothing theses ladies have. Some gorgeous clothing. I have got a collection I’m building myself now for models and clients. Extra is always better. I always get the clothing second hand (never underwear). That’s not sanitary for obvious reasons. I heard from other photographers that they pick up new underwear when there’s a sale at Victoria Secret and tell them to keep it after wearing. That makes sense too. I don’t go shopping much aside from Value Village so I haven’t that yet.

I had a great time creating work with these incredibly talented ladies.

Check out more of their work

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

Carmen: @cccamacho

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