Dating a Photographer – Welcome to Being a Muse

Dating a Photographer – Welcome to Being a Muse

Sometimes it’s fun photographing your significant other and the pets in your life. I actually love photographing both. So I thought I would share a bit of my personal life that I captured through my lens. They have both fallen victim to being used as models but I can’t help it they are so cute! They are both actually really good sports about it.

Before we go the puppy, Vince used to have to be my muse all by himself. Such a hard life I tell ya. It’s his fault for being so handsome. When Ozzy came into our life he became an assistant (a cookie holder) to keep Ozzy still. Ozzy is a lot more patient now than when he was younger. He is almost 11 months now. He was born April 12th so not quite there yet. Ozzy will get his own blog with his photos alone. He will be present in some of these though because I often get my boys together for photos.

Here are some of my first photos of Vince. The first photo is from Cuba. We travel to different countries but he’s still my favourite subject.


I saw a bunch of wood in a field. I am pretty sure they were building something at this location but I knew I wanted to do some lumberjack photos. We got him a red plaid shirt from Value Village and attempted our luck. The sun was harsh in spots and there were so many mosquitoes. This is how we learned to always have bug spray in our camera bags. I still have it in my bag in the winter months.


Then we went to the farmers market…. he looked handsome… so I took a photo


Then I fell in love with a pretty blue house near where we lived so I got him to model in front of it. We then went to Island Park Drive and took some photos there.


And then there one with his hair longer last winter.


We went downtown and took some photos while we were out. I liked this one the best.


We went to a mill and took some more photos. Most of these times we were originally taking photos of landscapes but I’m more drawn to people so I end up only having portraits. I love it. Vince takes beautiful landscapes.


Here’s just a bunch of other ones I liked. We went to a cool spot in a forest that had a worn down house.  And again lots of bugs! Mosquitoes will find me anywhere.


I love his smile! In the spring months we did some driving around to look for spots to shoot with a model ahead of time and we found this hilly area behind the airport that was filled with dry grass. I thought it looked cool.


And a fun graffiti wall. It’s cool! Lets take a photo of you there! haha He tried to take my photo there but no luck. Plus it was cold there. Take the photo and run back to the car!


I started to do business headshots this winter so I needed some handsome fellows.

VinceBusinessSexyRSOzzybowtie1RSHahaha how cute! Handsome AF!

We took a day trip to Wakefield in the spring last year. We went to a restaurant first and had lunch. This was before I knew I was allergic to gluten. So of course I ordered something with gluten in it – fish and chips. Nothing like some breaded deep fried fish to get me feeling good. So we walked a little found a cool spot and took a few photos and then I started to feel the effects of the gluten so I had to go home. Not fun. My life has improved dramatically now that I have stopped eating anything gluten. Although I am still accidentally poisoning myself and learning where the gluten sneaks in. Make the mistake once and never eat that again.



Then we got a puppy and he seems to get into all the photos. Ozzy and Vince for our fall shoot. Look at those ears! Those were the days when Ozzy had an afro. It has grown out now.


When we got him and he was a wee baby we took him to the experimental farm for some photos. IMG_5124fOzzyVince1rs

Then when he was a little bigger we took him on a walk near Hogs Back. Ozzy and Vince did some posing. I literally went in a bush to get enough distance between us in some photos.


I edited the first one yesterday. I think my editing has improved. I still like the other photos though. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my casual photo of my guys. They are really good to me and let me take their photos whenever. Love them both.

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