Katlyn – Fall Session

Katlyn – Fall Session

Katlyn is an amazing Ottawa model. She recently won Model of the year from Face Awards so the people spoke. She is beyond beautiful and super friendly. Also she is an amazing hair stylist. Katlyn messaged me to do a fun fall shoot and I knew just the place. The Arboretum beside the Experimental Farm in Ottawa is incredibly beautiful in the fall. All the leaves around are changing colours like crazy. With all the different types of trees around in one spot, there are so much different colours to choose from. It is a photographer’s dream. I shoot there all the time in the spring/summer/fall.



Kat83838383RSThere lots of area to explore! There are two bridges there but the one further back is the most beautiful. I shot at this bridge multiple times last fall and although the location and the bridge are the same the photos don’t look the same.

Katlyn styled herself in her own clothing bring alternate scarfs and jackets to give difference in the photos. She great at posing and moving between poses very naturally. I found the shoot to be really refreshing and I loved how the photos turned out.



Beside the bridge there was a bunch of colourful weeds sticking up beside the pond. I thought they looked pretty cool. I brought down the yellows in this photo to make it look more orange in lightroom. I didn’t bring a reflector to this session. Next time I will.


This was one of our first photos from our session. I loved the fallen red leaves everywhere so I got Katlyn to sit down in them. I hope her bum didn’t get wet. I loved how the red and pinks popped out. Also Katlyn’s expression is on point.


And of course yellow!!! See what I mean about all the different colours!!! YASSS! I love how the gold in her scarf popped too. It was like this scarf was made specifically for this shoot. haha Katlyn once again killing it with her poses.


I love doing black and white photos even when the colour around is so beautiful. We shot just before sunset and during sunset so thats how I got the beautiful light.


I know with the fall wear doesn’t focus on it but Katlyn is super fit. You can see that she is but in her other photos she has taken with other talented photographers you can see it more. She has the most beautiful back I have ever seen. She’s pretty sporty and expressed her love for hockey while we were chatting about life. I am not sporty at all. I like running long distance but thats about it. A bit off topic.


This shoot I used my Canon 6D, my 50mm f/1.4mm, and my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens

Usually before I shoot a model or client I go scout the place beforehand so I know what spots I want to go to. I don’t really like wandering aimlessly especially when you are working close to sunset and the golden hour.

Katlyn is an incredible model and I highly recommend her to any photographer who wants epic photos for their portfolio.

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