Anastasia – Boudoir Session

Anastasia – Boudoir Session

anastasia7RS.jpgAnastasia is a beautiful young model from Ottawa Model Management. She had been given permission to work with me from the owner of the agency, Garry Black. Garry is a very well known and accomplished photographer in Ottawa who went beyond just taking photos and made his own agency. I was very honoured to make the list of photographers that are approved by his agency. Also beyond thrilled to be able to work with Anastasia. She is also a very talented makeup artist and created the look she had for our shoot.

When Anastasia contacted me and I saw her photos I knew exactly what type of photos I wanted to create – or recreate. I am a huge fan of Annie Leibovitz. Her work is beyond inspiration and always so beautiful. One photo in particular was burned into my memory. Her controversial photograph of Miley Cyrus. I absolutely love it! I thought it was creative and beautiful and perfect. So I naturally wanted to try a similar photo myself. In case you haven’t seen this photo here it is.

Annie Leibovitz

How incredible! So I went to Fabric Land and bought a satin fabric. Not the same colour but similar to the blanket that she used. I didn’t want to have the photo to be an exact copy so I didn’t shoot in my studio but instead I shoot in my favourite spot in my house – near the window in my living room. Natural light is so precious to avoid. So here is our version.


Anastasia did an incredible job! I showed her the photo ahead of time. I think communication with model is key especially ahead of the shoot. I addressed that it would be an implied nude but at the same time she would be completely covered by the fabric and she could wear underwear the whole time because it wouldn’t make a difference to the photo. She liked the photo I wanted to create and was fine with what it meant to get the photo. I believe in making the shooting environment as safe and comfortable for the model/client. We took an alternative shot of her in the fabric.


We also took a bunch of lingerie photos ahead of these photos. These are actually the last set we did. She brought a bunch of clothing with her. All clothing she brought was well suited and worked perfectly for the shoot. Our first outfit was a loose white sweater with a black body suit underneath.


Our next outfit change was a white body suit. I like the simplicity of her outfit choices which made the focus on her instead of the outfits.


I love using the white curtains in my photos. Especially to give depth with the curtain being in the for front of the photo. It also adds softness to the photos. Softer the photo looks the better – in my opinion. Those are the photos that I love. I like my photos to have a beautiful soft feel instead of a sexy and seductive feel. Both are nice but it’s just my perference

And finally her beautiful black body suit.


For all these photos I shot with my Canon 6D, 50mm f/1.4 lens, and reflector. I used my elinchrom brx 500 and a large octabox. There was natural light shining behind her from the window.


Model/Makeup artist: @anastasiakko

Agency: @ottawamodelmanagement

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