Sara – Boudoir Session

Sara – Boudoir Session

I may be one of the most lucky photographers. I had an epic shoot with a local model, Sara, and my super talented friend & makeup artist Noahh. These two ladies rock! Noahh did an incredible job on the makeup. It was so perfect! Sara came with her hair all pretty by her own hair dresser friend ahead of time. Shoot out to Vange Duncan for her incredible work!

Here’s the amazing makeup job Noahh created! Note to new photographers out there – it is good to always get a strong make up shot when working with makeup artists that they could use in their portfolios that only focuses on their work. They will really appreciate it and I feel like its a shame not miss such pretty images. I try to always get one with the model’s eyes closed or looking down so you could really appreciate the eye makeup and one with her eyes open.



For this session Sara came completely prepared! She had lots of outfits to chose from and lots of jewelry. She actually brought a jewelry box with her full of nice pieces. She also brought stocks with the line down the back of the leg. I love those! Most people forget to bring stocking and I never remember to suggest bringing it. It’s not necessary but adds to the photo when wore.

I met Sara on instagram. We connected and realized that we were both free that coming week and set something up. I am incredibly bad with getting back to models with dates. I am making a strong effort to contact models back that I have meant to but missed because of my forgetfulness. So I was happy that we connected and worked together right away. She is such a fun lady. She has great style and is very relaxed. It was a pleasure working with her.

I learned something very useful from this shoot. I have a 10 month old puppy and he gets very excited when models come over. He thinks they are there just to see him and play with him. He loves to jump up and say hi 100 times and then lays on them and nap. Or get them to play with his soggy toys. So this shoot I tried something different. I was armed with a pizzle (his fav treat). A pizzle, for those who don’t know, are a penis of an animal. I just looked up a good way to describe this and found this “Made from real dried steer pizzle, these chews are incredible favorites and a great alternative to rawhide. The rich flavor and crunchy texture keeps dogs chewing for hours. You’ll love that the chews clean plaque off your dog’s teeth while he chews.” Oh my! But yes it works! He followed us to each room and chewed on his pizzle on the floor. He was so focused that he let us work and was happy to just sit with us. Kinda gross but if you have a puppy at home that likes to play when clients/models are over – it works!

All my photos were used with my canon 6d, 50mm f/1.4, and reflector. I also used my elinchrom BRX 500 strobe and a large octabox attached. For some photo we shoot next to the window so she was light also by natural light.

Here are the rest of the photos from our session.


To see more of these ladies work you could follow on instagram:

Noahh (makeup artist): @prettylittleyoumakeup

Sara (model): @iamsosara

Vange (hair stylist): @hypnotik_5

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