Photography Adventure with Josh Wright

josh wright photographer construction site shoot cover

Photography Adventure with Josh Wright

Josh is a super talented photographer based in Quebec but really close to Ottawa. We started chatting about photography and decided on a fun shoot where I would take him photo and he would take mine. He has a really cool look so I was pumped. He knew of some cool spots so off we went. I couldn’t tell you where we shot but it was on the Quebec’s side. It’s always nice going places you don’t usually go. I believe we shoot in January 2017 so it was snowy and not super warm. But that’s okay we were troopers.

Here’s the shots I took of him.

We found this weird construction thingy and so I thought it would be cool if Josh climbed it. I was using my 70-200mm 4f. This shoot was before I upgraded to the f/2.8. I think these photos turned out great. He’s very photogenic so that made my job easier. I remember getting home after shooting and as I was editing the photos I was so excited how they turned out.

Photos that he took of me.

There are more photos but these were my faves. I especially like the black and white photo. It’s super pretty. It’s fun when you shoot with photographers. You end up with some cool photos of yourself. It was very nice working with him. I learn each time I pick up a camera and at this point I had not shoot many men yet. But my Instagram blew up with his portrait.

I recommend Josh to anyone looking for some great portraits. He’s very kind and easy to work with. Each time I see his photos pop up in on Instagram or fb I am impressed.

You can find him on Instagram: @argentum_obscura

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