Jordan – Boudoir Session

Jordan – Boudoir Session

Jordan, a super talented makeup artist I had blogged about previously, expressed interest in modelling. And more specifically lingerie. I told her I could do a shoot with her. After all, we worked together twice before so it would be more comfortable for her to shoot with someone you know for the first time. At least I would assume it would. An added bonus is she could do her own makeup professionally. So we set a date and made it happen.

As you can see she is absolute gorgeous! Her makeup was perfect and same with her hair. We had a simple set up. Posing on and around the bed. I find posing comes more natural on sets similar to this instead of a blank white screen. Models can interact with the bed and surrounds. I like the look of the photos more with a set than studio stuff but there’s definitely a need for studio for other styles.

Seeing this was her first shoot I directed the poses and she adapted to them very naturally. I usually direct poses but always give the model/client freedom to explore their own poses. I often search for new poses that I hadn’t thought up to stay creative. I also love looking at others work to see what they did for props and wardrobe and set. You can learn a lot from just looking at other photographers poses and take away ideas. I asked Jordan to find photos she liked ahead of the shoot so we can do something similar. We definitely recreated some of the images as well. Sometimes it helps models see what you want them to do too. Directing poses can be tricky.

This is my absolute favourite photo! I find everything about it so beautiful. I did alter it. She has lots of her hair on her chest and the next photo I told her to push it off. But the first photos expression was better so I cropped her chest out of the other photo and pasted it on. It was a definite learning progress. Love learning as I go. So refreshing and sticks in your brain better.

Jordan has multiple shoots booked now from the Ottawa community. I am happy for her and wish her the best. There is lots of talent in Ottawa that can help her get started. It’s nice when you see someone nice get ahead in life.

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