Ashley – Boudoir Session

ashley black and white boudoir cover

Ashley – Boudoir Session

I have been admiring Ashley’s modelling photos and her beauty for a few years. She is an exceptionally beautiful lady. I met her first in January when we did a Valentine’s session with her really cute 2 year old daughter Teagan. Her son was at school so I missed meeting him. Teagan loves jellybeans. I had a big jar full & that made her pretty happy. She did a pretty good job at smiling and letting me take her photo. Very cute kid with a little spunk.

Teagan loved my bunny, Rigby. I think she was ready to take her home with her because she was moving the cage towards the door. It was very cute and funny. Ashley and I got along well. She is was very relaxed and patient with Teagan. Plus she is super photogenic. I was very excited to do a shoot with her.


I messaged Noahh to see if she was down to work with us on a makeup look. Noahh is awesome – not only with doing makeup but she is a very creative person and opened to doing lots of looks. She picked the look for this shoot. I loved it. I don’t need to give Noahh any direction I just know she will do something awesome. Ashley is a hair stylist by trade so her hair was perfect! Very feminine and pretty.


When taking these photos I used natural light shining in from the window and my large Elinchrome Octabox. I used my canon 6D and my 50mm. Also a reflector. I move the octabox around a lot as the model poses. These are all shot in my living room. I had a room divider hiding all my electronics. No one wants to see ugly wires. I realized today that every wall I have at my place has wires lining the bottom of the walls. Something I would do differently when we move to the next place. Too hard to photoshop out every photo.


So those are all very similar but I loved how the octabox and natural light worked together that I edited them all. All a little different. Ashley brought lots of lingerie. Her pink outfit was killer. It is so awesome when models bring outfits like this. It really suited her well.

We attempted a few reclining photos of her on my couch but it was a fail. My couch is too soft and she just sinks in. Not to self harder couches are better! haha


We used a bench I borrowed from Ruth Cameron to try that reclining pose and it worked! Sometimes you got to try different things before you get the shot. I am glad we didn’t give up on the idea because I really love how this photo turned out.


She has such an amazing body. AND she’s had two kids. I got to give her credit. Very lovely figure. I actually love that every person I shoot is different with different body types. It keeps life interesting. I have mad respect for people who can keep up a healthy diet and work out regularly. It’s not an easy thing to do. Especially when poutine tastes soooo good.

Here’s the rest from this session.



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