My First Publication as a Photographer

Femme Modern Jan 2018 Amber Dean

My First Publication as a Photographer

My makeup artist buddy, Noahh and I were were brainstorming ideas of cool photography concepts in our bucket list and came up with a great idea. Granted done multiple times, we wanted to recreate photos from the 1960s and in particular photos of Audrey Hepburn. I know some people think concepts can be over done but I love it. I am all about it actually! I think it’s awesome when people recreate images and add their own twist (usually unintended) to the photos. I feel it’s more of a starting point to where your creativity begins and then let it flow wild and free. Isn’t that what art is about? Plus is super hard to come up with an idea now one has ever done before. We aren’t making lightbulbs here! So here’s our starting point!

concept audrey

I believe Noahh found these on Pinterest so once again I can’t credit the photographers. But whoever you are out there, your work is amazing and I will happily add proper credit if given.

Our next step was finding a model. I had recently made a post on a facebook group looking for models who would be interested in doing a boudoir shoot for February. I sent Noahh a few links to models and one of the first models she had seen was the beautiful Amber Deen. She is a Turkish/Canadian model with gorgeous dark features. She was perfect for what we were looking for. We reached out to her and she said yes.

shesaid yes.jpg


So off I went to my favourite place in the universe – VALUE VILLAGE! I found the dress and it fit. What a win!  Ruth Cameron supplied the jewelry which I am guessing she found some of it from Value Village. She is also an avid shopper there. She picked out a dress as well but it wasn’t used at this shoot. I kept it though so it will most likely appear in my blog somewhere (don’t you worry :P). Amber had a dark fur coat so we used that as well. Thankfully she had it because we did this shoot in December and it was freezing out.

Our shoot took place downtown Ottawa in the market. For those who haven’t been to Ottawa, we have this cool courtyard in the middle of downtown tucked away neatly. There are some very fancy restaurants in and around there. It has a cobblestone look to the sidewalks which is why it was chosen. The location has an elegant and timeless feel. It’s actually very pretty.

I shot with my canon 6d and my 50mm f/1.4 lens. Actually it’s my boyfriend’s lens but seeing we are common law now its MINE. I shoot way more than him so he doesn’t mind. He adopted my bunny and I adopted his nifty 50! Win win!

Because it was frost bite warning weather we only shot for about 20 minutes. That’s all I needed. We got published by Femme Modern Magazine in January. It is a local Canadian magazine produced in London, Ontario (I am pretty sure).



Photo credit:

Model: Amber Deen’s instagram @ambererlik

Mua/hair stylist: Noahh’s instagram @prettylittleyoumakeup


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