Self Portraits with Puppy Assistance

Self Portraits with Puppy Assistance

Yesterday I had a cancellation and my place was super clean and ready to shoot. It’s actually amazing how much you need to vacuum with little doggy feet running around in this wet winter. Not to mention my bunny throwing her sawdust around like its glitter. So I was super in the mood to take photos. When one door closes another will open they say. So I did my best to look purdy, I am not great at doing my hair or make up so I do the minimum plus smacking them fake eye lashes on. I have baby eyelashes…. Not those luscious lashes many men have. SO JEALOUS! Anyways, I figured I would share my selfie adventure without any sugar coating.

I decided to get into some lingerie and do some boudoir. I tried on a bunch of stuff and I settled on a couple of outfits. But doing lingerie was a bit too complicated for me. I was using an ottoman that I have in my living room. I like the natural light that comes in plus I used a large #Elinchrom Octabox to add more soft light. Trying to centre yourself properly in the camera seemed to be my biggest problem. I had tons of photos with my mouth open staring blankly at the screen. Those are gems! haha DELETE! I use a canon 6d so I used the Canon app that acts like a remote so you can take photos from pressing the button on your phone. So I had lots of photos with my phone in the photos. In total I took 147 photos. I liked two. ONLY TWO. I know we usually are pretty judgmental when it comes to our own photos but yeah two turned out.

Ready for them? BAMMMM!!!


Settings for both photos: 50mm, ISO 125, f/5.6, 1/160 sec

As you can tell the boudoir theme didn’t really come to life. That’s okay with me. I do find head shots pretty easy. I usually tilt the camera downwards when I shoot. I love how the angle looks. Less flat. I should have grabbed a reflector but that would involve going downstairs and that was too much work.

The second photo was turned to black and white because the colours were kind of dull. When I switched it to black and white and played around with lightroom I felt it popped more. I added grain because grain is fun.

My dog had a great time. He loves the Ottoman. So when I pushed him off he thought I was playing. Maybe he wanted to be in some more photos. I kind of look like an Oreo. I have a circular head and my face is pale white and the bangs and dark hair. The worst part is I can’t eat Oreos. They are not gluten free. Gluten doesn’t like me much. But there are knock off versions of Oreos that are made gluten free. They are pretty good. k-toos.jpg


SO self portraits are not the easiest things to do – unless you are super smart or super seasoned professional. I took me about an hour of shooting for those two photos. I had fun though. I’m a bit obsessed with photography.

I apologize for the rambling. 🙂

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  • LoMcCo
    Posted at 08:18h, 22 February Reply

    Beautiful photos and adorable puppy!

  • Radstar
    Posted at 09:02h, 22 February Reply

    Looove these! The “Bam” is really how it felt when ai saw them! Me next? Lol!! Kidding!

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