Catt Gallinger – Boudoir Session

Catt Gallinger – Boudoir Session

You know when you meet someone for the first time and you like them instantly – that’s how I felt meeting Catt. She has a very opened and honest approach to her that I madly respect. Also she has that personality quality that you feel you are hanging out with a close friend but you strangely just met her. Yeah she is pretty awesome. Catt also reached out to my boudoir post on a facebook group. I looked at her page and she had awesome bangs. I love bangs. I also rock them myself. Mainly because I have a big forehead but also because they are epic. Anyways, I also realized that her bangs appeared to be a new thing and the next profile photo she had she looked completely different. How cool is that? One model but two completely different looks! Jackpot! For those who don’t know Catt or haven’t heard of her, she is a bit of a social media celebrity. She is the Canadian model that made the news after she went viral when her body modification of turning her eye whites purple didn’t go as planned. This procedure is called sclera staining. If done properly it would give a startling visual effect that has gained popularity recently among those who like altering their bodies in unconventional ways. Catt has went through a lot since her sclera staining failed. She dealt with large amounts of pain, multiple surgeries, short term blindness and is still on the road to recovery. I had not known anything of this before meeting her. It wasn’t until she showed me standing in light that I noticed the purple in her eye. She is a very interesting model to shoot in my opinion because she has tons of beautiful and colourful tattoos. She also has her tongue split and is planning more body modifications in the future. You will have to follow her to see what she does next.

Jordan Dziekan, the makeup artist I used the day before at Kristina’s session, was also available for Catt’s session. This time I made cake as a snack while the make up was applied. Catt is such an entertaining person that we literally chatted for an hour (all three of us) before we started putting makeup on. It was a fun session to say the least. Jordan nailed the makeup look again – not surprised because she is awesome. We went for a more moody look. I planned to shoot mainly in black and white. I did take some coloured photos. I had to because her coloured tattoos were too cool not to. Here’s the look Jordan created!catt4RS.jpg

Jordan hung out for the beginning of the shoot. The actual shooting time didn’t take much time because Catt moves very naturally from each pose. Jordan wanted to see what a boudoir session was like and Catt is a great person to show how simple it really is. I am very happy how the photos turned out. They were different than any other shoot I had had yet.

Here are the results.


To see more of Catt’s work, you can find her on instagram @cattgmodel

Jordan’s work can be found @jordan_dziekan

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