Kristina Paige – Boudoir Session

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Kristina Paige – Boudoir Session

Ottawa has some incredible talent (as I may have already stated). Kristina Paige and Jordan Dziekan are no exception. I will be sharing our work from our first shoot together. I had not met either of these two fabulous ladies beforehand and our personalities blended well together. It’s GREAT when that happens, as it doesn’t always go that way.

Jordan and I were chatting in the months of fall when I reached out through instagram to see if she would be available to do some makeup work for a fall workshop I was putting together. Things didn’t line up but Jordan reached out again a few weeks ago and luckily we were able to plan two boudoir sessions together and one boudoir session with her as a model too. Jordan is currently in school finer toning her make up skills and thats how I came across her. I love reaching out to new and becoming makeup artists through instagram by simply searching the makeup schools hashtags. Her work stood out (I will link both ladies instagram accounts at the end).

Kristina (our lovely model) reached out to my casting when I was looking for boudoir models through a facebook group. I quickly looked through her photos and she is beautiful. Perfect for boudoir – it’s like she was made for it. She brought a bunch of lingerie which was excellent! I love when models have lots of clothing for sessions. It lets them have their own style and personality in the photos. BUT that being said I have TONS of lingerie now. KEYWORD VALUE VILLAGE – before you get grossed out – WAIT! I only buy pretty tops, corsets, nightgowns and house coats. NO BOTTOMS! I always request ladies to bring their own. That’s personal clothing. Anyways, Kristina had her own clothing so I don’t believe we used any of mine stuff.

I love having makeup artists come to my place because it gives everyone time to relax and chat before the session. Getting into lingerie right away can be intimidating. We chatted and had brownies and Jordan rocked my life with her epic makeup look. Good times.

The session didn’t take too long. We started with a set up I did in my basement studio. I had put up fake wallpaper (fabric from Fabric Land) and an ottoman I bought from Ikea and some red roses on a stand. The Ottoman now belongs to my dog. He lets me use it with models but its his spot. He claimed it. Then we moved up to my bedroom and used my bed for the rest of the poses. It’s nice to have a bed to help the models pose. Makes for beautiful photos.

One thing I learned from this session and my next few sessions is shooting at night makes the photos more moody. Shooting in day is better for softer looking photos. Natural light is my bestie and I miss working with her. I now try to shoot in the daytime if possible.

I am very happy with our results. Great ladies to work with. Both are mad skilled.


Kristina: Instagram: @kristinapaigemodel

Jordan: Instagram: @jordan_dziekanKristina2RSKristina3RSKristina6RSKristina7RSKristina10RSKristina11RSKristina12RSKristina14RS

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