Stepping into the World of Boudoir

florence boudoir cover holding mug braids

Stepping into the World of Boudoir

“A boudoir shoot isn’t just about gorgeous photos, it’s a decision to say I am beautiful as I am. A new chapter in your life that says I love who I am.” unknown author

I stepped into the world of boudoir first as a model. I was really relaxed and really enjoyed the whole process. I would carelessly travel and meet photographers who I admired and work with them and really gained a sense of what style of boudoir photography I loved. I stopped modelling this year but my journey with boudoir did not. Now I get to direct and create my own beautiful photos of women in my own way. What could be better than that? Maybe an endless supply of poutine?? Close second!

My first boudoir session was with a local Ottawa model and a close friend of mine, Florence Cajuste. She expressed interest in doing boudoir but did not want to have revealing photos done. As a women myself, a previous model and a professional, I of course respected her comfort levels. I don’t feel boudoir is about how much clothing you are wearing. It’s more the art of appreciating and enjoying your own beauty and womanhood. I knew I was going to have a fun shoot. We also thought since Valentine’s day is slowly approaching we needed a hot red dress! AND of course Florence had the perfect dress. Not surprising, that woman has tons of clothes. Another reason why she is so awesome – her fashion sense.

We lucked out and were able to get a super talented make up artist to help out. This was the first time I met Fatima. She is also a local Ottawa talent and is such a nice lady. AND her makeup skills are amazing! She gave Florence a natural look with a hint of glamour. Perfect for our session.

Without further adieu, I will share our photo bliss. These women are seriously amazing. Check out their work. 🙂

Florence website: & instagram: @bcajuste

Fatima: instagram: @beautytouch_byfatima


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